Physiofit  is a physiotherapy and sports injury clinic who have been treating the local community for 25 years this year. Alongside this milestone,  in March this year they opened a second clinic in Wilmslow in the grounds of Wilmslow Rugby & Running  Club within FITISM gym. This has given them the facilities to now offer gym based Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services alongside more traditional clinic based treatments.

We are delighted that Physiofit will be supporting The Waters Wilmslow Half Marathon, all entrants to the event have the choice of 2 offers…A reduced price running analysis, normally £99, entrants price £75 or a first visit offer of a sports massage at £15, normally £30 for half an hour session.

The running analysis includes; an assessment of your technique and cadence, an assessment of your strength and an exercise programme tailored to your needs. The running analysis would make a great start to your training plan, highlighting areas to work on, additional stretches to improve your movement patterns and/or running style.

So if you have any injury worries, would like help improving your movement patterns or would like a sports massage, please get in touch.

To make an appointment, either book on line through the website , ring 01625 590444 or email